*HUGS* TOTAL! give nYbTsEc1s more *HUGS*
Get hugs of your own
7.16p.m. 18.8.05

oh no..no one blogged for a long time le. nvm here i am! wahas. ok maths was a killer can!! i bet oni 1% of e ppl finish e whole paper la. toot diao. ahh save this blog! its dying..(except for the taggy) bhiang asked me 2 blog a few..weeks ago. yep. so err..im blogging. nowadays nobody is free. sigh.
ahh alina tan!! dun cry over split milk! its over and we're all on the same boat! dun worry be happie!! hmph i dunno how tt ashleen got 30-something for her science. boo. better study harder. term3 results r dropping. i did real bad 4 chinese(a few mks short of my precious a1) and science was horrible. lol surprisingly, when we got to look at our history marks, i got quite umm good mks. haha. my geog arr..no need to say. im close to failure at every geog test! you3 cheng2 jiu4 gan3!! im gonna drop geog if i have the chance. take 3 sciences and 1 humans!!<--not human as in ren2 lei4 but wadever la. i got this stupid feeling tt i failed my maths.
hmmm..ytd's ipw was chao slack! mr lim let us watch the foa! so cool. ok actually not. it was damn cold in the music room. i was freezing. haha but we finish our presentations le. most of the other topics de pple havent yet. haha. im supposed 2 be doing my yi4 lun4 wen2 noww. very sian i dunno wad to write. the topic quite bian4 tai4 one. hehe. *evil grin*
hey nybt sec 1'o5! muz jia1 you2 ok?? we cannot let the next batch of sec1s beat us! we will win the zonal championships with this team! we can do it!! yay!

math teacher who doesnt know how to count


6.47p.m. 30.7.05

hihi again...hais pai seh din blog for so long....bet bhiang is really upset. sorry.=p aniwaes i blogged onced again after a long long long time.*blush*...so sad. sabbaticals week is over loi. man...i havnt finish my manga mania log book yet. nicole...help me!!!!! haha inuyasha is so nice! i am in love with it. bought the anime series, number 1. haha i think i want to buy the 2nd series too! so much homework to do over the weekends. bleh... haf a chinese test next week.hmph! haha must save this blog horh! *although i din blog for so long**oops**** okie gtg, must do work buai buai. cya peeps. must blog horh!

11.50p.m. 13.7.05

booo people. im in com labbbb 1 nowww! haha later lunch (next period) have to choose sabbatical! lol ms lye 4got to book com lab. hahax. but lab1 free! so we go lorr. haha. mingming ishh rite!! 100% correect! haha. about mulan lah of cozz. hmm..its disappointing indeed. maybe its becoz we dont appreciate this kind of stuff. lol. im committing 2 offences now. better not say anything. haha. haha. haha. wah science very cheeeeem lehh. wad tissue (paper) thingy lah. wahaha. im soooo happy tt e hei1 yang2 (not yangee..) kenna *ahem* by someone. lol. i wun say anymore. lolz. this blog is gonna die...sooooon. ok gotta go liaoz.

12.02p.m. 7.0.05

hellows.mwahahha im at computer lab 4 now! SLACKING. ((X hahha okay so im having crap speech trainingg -_-||| pfft,it's SO boring lahhh. hahha and im supposed to look mm some funny scary halloween sounds.whee. witch laughter! HAHAHHAhhh. ((X yuppie, i had detention just now! can you believe it. my class got C twice for classroom cleaniness and you can imagine just how aangry my form teacher was. :S tsk. hehehe. siann.im slacking lahh.don't know what to look for.yawn. i want lunchhh. i need to eat.im so hungryyy .dentention lahhh. so weird one.detentio during recess =\oh well. hahaha 10 minutes to lunch and 10 minutes before i see you guys! hahaha cyaa. mwakk. <33
beeeeeeeeeehiang was heree


7.54p.m. 25.06.05

aah yes yes alinas supposed to blog.and shes blogging now. what a good girl she is. :-). ladkfj. schools reopening. animal farm quiz and geog quiz. :-(. ive studied..but i dont feel confident. :'(. good luck for your quizzes! XD. enjoy the rest of the holidays as much as you can! beehiang ive blogged. its your turn!

9.30a.m. 23.06.05

hahahha let me tell you guys alll about that disgusting movie: house of wax.PFFT it was so disgusting LAH yesss,there was this part. this victim was trapped at a some sort of underground er room. yupp. she was locked in lah. then the guy who locked her in was upstairs talking to her friend(the victim's) cos he was looking for her what. yup so the guy was talking to her friend(Nick).the victim,was sticking her finger through this "drain cover" trying to attract Nick's attention.Nick,however,didnt see the finger but the other guy did. so he took out a pair of pliers and cut off her finger. as in really cut lah. disgusting UGHHHHH!!! pfft. yuck i was screaming my head off.hahahhaha. okay so there were lots of sadistic part.so morbid.pfft.never watch it man.its highly not recommendable only suitable for people seeking sadistic movies.hahhahaha. yuppie,alina tan.you said you will blog ytd! you gou gou shou zhi with me one okayyy.hmph. gip a si anila. (((: hahhaahhaha stop calling me goose you gip.hahahhah.wheeeee.im so hyper lah.ok i need to go and study,pfft. i was mugging till 12.30am yesterday.hahahahha.a great sense of accomplishment.wheeee.yuppiee.byebyeee! blog people for goodness sake.(X
beeeeeeeeeehiang was heree


3.00p.m. 21.06.05

boooo to all. haha. im never ever going to the level 3 toilet again. bahhhh. oh lvl 3 got a few toilets. lemme explain clearly which one. classroom block, nearer to guard hse tt one. lol. stupid de lah. go toilet can sprain my ankle. actually not sprain. doctor say its minor. i 4got wad he said. nvm. but cannot play for at least a week. den e doc put e medicine on my ankle so smelly lahh. then muz oso put rice wine in tt bandage once in a while. now its smell is horrendous. blehhhh. cant stand it. but im gonnnaaa take e bandage off very soon! maybe another half hr or so. hey people! pls blog leh. this blog is gettin stale...wahhh. hmm..fungi theyall r going escape this sat n i havent reply them yet. shld i go? lol. my bro say escape is lame. boo i oni finish e geog sia. haha. doin maths sia noww. so sian ar. hahahaha. laff fer wad...im crazzzieeee. o.0 gud question bhiang. why doesnt anyone blog? sigh. haha im currently addicted to the pc game command and conquer yuri's revenge and red alert 2. haha. nice nice. come to tink of it, yuri in jap means something gross... dont ask me what! ok lar. actually not tt gross. but i still dowann sayyyy. =) hehehe. im feelin bored. ahhh. gotta go.
last words: please blog! nicole-*

8.34a.m. 16.06.05

hellllooooooooooow. im back! hahahhaha did you guys miss meeee?? hehehehhee. the powerful me is here to save the dyinggg blog.wheee.hahahah.(: mmm, dont know what to blog about. =\oh well. im going to watch house of wax later. muahahhahha. lili said it was scary? or was it lili. wheeeeeeeeeeee. whyy doesnt anyone blog? booooos. oh yesssss. wahh yesterday i was pissed with my classmate. bleargh, she keep hanging up the phone. arghhh. oh well. ahhahha. mm. k im going to eat breakfast so gotta wrap this up. catchyall laterx.
beeeeeeeeeehiang was heree



3.00 p.m.

booooooooooo to all. attention: this blog is becoming stale, untouched, abandoned blah blah or whatever word you use to describe it. hahaha. so 3rd week of hols gonna start tmr. tomorrow!! holidays pass so fast and school days so slow. sigh. so unfair. i havent finish 1 sia or hmwk yet. booooooo. so much lor. rgs have a 'holiday no homework' policy. so ass one. we should have one policy too. booo. ok camp was fun. we played basketball! and captain's ball too. mr wee thinks tt the camp is too relaxed. lol. nvm. im being lame. ok gotta go finish the geog sia. so sianzz. haii!!


2.45 p.m.

hihi... wheee im blogging!!! xD tmrrw is camp. woot!!! i hope all of us have fun!!!! yayyyieeeee. i blogged! =)



hihi! muahha, i luv sabbaticals! dun need to study the whole day! haha food adventure is so fun. cook stuff everyday. but some of the stuff are really yucky larh. eg. mushroom and mango crumble. spinach and mushroom roll. yuck! bleh. but fun larh. cook curry chicken, blah blah blah... so happy, can go for training once aaing. shall learn moi lesson, dun wanna sprain my ankle again. Napfa tomorrow, waaa, so scared. sure fail my sit and reach and shuttle run and inclined pull ups! so scared! =( hais. anyways gtg. buai buai

7.56p.m. 16.05.05

boooos. hey bhiang! cheer up! we still lurve ya k? hehehe. the first day of sabbaticals. it was umm..ok la. we watched a anime! something about a dog demon. quite cool actually. then the malay culture thingy was quite slack la. everyone was sitting there n staring at the teacher. lolx. doggy say food chem n floorball very nice. haha food chem pple were boiling peas. and doggy's hand smelt of peas. i hate peas. those yucky green things just make me puke. haha thx melissa for the pe shirt. lol. next time if u forget to bring can ask me! xD hehhe.
oops i havent finish doing the it thing. sigh mr yam say by this week gotta hand it in. haha i think im gonna stay back on thursday to finish it. its my only free day...xD there's napfa 5 items tomorrow! if im not wrong, the odd classes will be doin tmr. even classes on thursday! i dont wanna do tmr. skip training. i dont like. =[ blehhh. i don't wannnnnnaaa doooooo toommmoorrrrooowwwwww! booooooo!!!!!
just now on the way home from moelc, i was in the train with doggy n jelly. haha i dunno wad got over me. i started to talk to my keychain which was a not proportionate(sp) tigger. you kno from winnie the pooh tt tigger. haha. i know im weird. then at toapayoh doggy and jelly got off. when the doors were abt to close, doggy came in laughing. oh well she said im mad. haha but tt tigger's really cute. hehe i mentioned someone who is 'related' to this particular tigger and salad almost umm..puked?! haha i dunno. hmm..seems like no one's been blogging. its a little scary being alone at home. bro's upstairs having tuition mum's not back yet and dad went to fetch ah ma. booooos. sign off note to all: i hate peas of every colour. just as long as they're peas. i hate them.
xiao3 mao1 xi3 huan1 simple plan/*

7.25p.m. 13.05.05

sorry. really. you all probably wont trust me again.but ya.sorry.
``[ sorry..


10.04p.m. 11.05.05

hello.heh today is a happy happy day.whee i shall officially name today.beehiang's friends dayy.yay im feeling so happy today. feeling so.not alont.((: wheee.love you all out there.all my friends.wheee. bahh i forgot to transfer the photos into my thumbdrive.)): cant finish IT on time again.gah! i feel so badd.)): i havent been completing my assignments on time lahh.bahh. ahhh.this blog is stale.)): so blank onee.no one tags when there's nothing going on.)): gah! ive got 1h 30 minutes piano lesson tmr.gonna dieee. wheee im currently very obsessed with the banana song.hahaha.i mean hollaback girl.hehehe. its so cute! horh yang!((: whee thanks yang for sending me that beautiful picture.yayy.so sweet of youu. hehh. its getting kind of late ehh.howw come no one onlinee.except for ashy.wheee.aiyah i shall be guai and go and do my revision.wheee.catchya all lates.love ya all.
``[ shit is banana B-A-N-A-N-A-S.


8.09pm 04.05.05 09.05.05


oh halo pple. haven blogged in a long time. haha. so sian later have 2.4km run. bleh! den after tt there's a history test. then friday there's a science test. why so many tests de!!!! then later jap have another test. keesiao arr! keep testing, testing and testing. can die one leh...
i cant wait to go back to mbs on the 25th!!! which means i can ask my junior something and shun bian bully my bro. haha im a bad sis. =) hehe.
haiz~ doggy ar, y dun u ever use ur brain?? if u are supposed to go on the 25th rite, i wud have shunbian gen ni jiang when i was telling ann and her mah. i have no words to describe you can. even if i have, i wont wanna write it down. toot ah! u very boliao keep asking other pple. got me damn pissed lah you.
kk gotta go le. byebye!
crapping rocks my world/*



hihi again. nvm larh ashleen, haha you didn't screw it up on the court. haha. man, i sprained my ankle yesterday when i played wiht my cousin. i am so pro! carn believe it..blehh...that stupid nyps gal is so blehh. so proud! then when we went back to nyps on saturday for fun , the coach said that she was good!!! man, and he said that she was nice. bad taste. =( waa, our nybt camp is gonna suffer because of her. *sigh* but we nybt sec1s rawk forever! muahaha...rawk on people!
nybt sec1s rawk

8.51p.m. 7.05.05

harloes. okie... hahaz.. beehiang your blog is cute! hahaz.. well.. today's sports meet was BORING. so unfortunate... i met idiotic WAYNE! poser. hmm.. well.. what do we call ourselves? sec 1 NYBT'05 ritez??? so... i think we should be at least 40% frank with each other! we're sisters!!! wahahas.. i'm crazy... but really. if you all have anything unhappy, just shoot it out. don't need to wallow wallow wallow. it'll make all of us feel better. if not, if you're pissed or something, and you don't say it out, it'll make both parties feel miserable... and heeheez. ming ming!!! you must come for team lunch and recess with us more often! i only see you coming like.. towards the end of the week? don't worry! we're nice people!!! hahaz.. ex-rss gal... hahaz... i still can't forget the short hair you had when we were p3! prefect!!! hahaz.. really... you all can just shoot it out. especially to me... otherwise i won't know anything!! =( then how to improve the team!?!!? we must be better than those NYPS girls! wheeeee.... bee hiang said that one was quite sucky... so we have to work doubly hard! we can do it!!! come one NYBTers!!! wahh.... i want to transfer to a boys school1!!! wahahas... okie.. got to go now.. jia you!
i can't say anything. it's just not right. i end up getting stabbed.

lil' mei meiloveslilies*



Im soooo frickin tired of science and work. =/ anyways, aren't you glad i blogged, beehiang? heeheee =) Man, today's sports day is like shyted. sooooo boring. =/ but at least we got to speak CHINESE (hahaha), help sell drinks, get free drinks (courtesy of songying wheee!), sing songs, yell like siao, see nygh win *winks* and see the mao shi tong statue. heeeheee. whoa, today morning right... yuanyi and I wait like fools at nygh bus stop for you guys, man... turn out that you guys were already opposite. =/ blehh... but oh well... at least, we still went in together... except for yangieee and nicole(i think, cant remember) (im still not used to calling her that yet, since i dun usually call people by their nicknames... heheeeheee) then after that, went back to nygh. the hall wasnt opened, so had to do frickin PT. OMG. my frickin stamina has been like frickin bad. im like panting at second round? and that's like frickin bad. and beehiang is like frickin fast when climbing down the stairs, and i cant frickingly catch up. okokokok, dun use frickin. hahaha.. quite vulgar. anyway, yahh... then went to the hall and did some drills. sheesh. i cant get my overhead shots right. tiffany was pretty encouraging though.. heehee. then Mr weeeeeeeeeeee keep calling me useless. blehh.. dun like it. =P wah. i'm blogging quite a long entry, not bad not bad. hahaha k nvm. i shall continue. then the sec01s did some drills while the others played. sooooooooooooooo scary i tell you. it's like a battlefield and we like RISK OUR LIVES TO COLLECT SHUTTLES. Lol. seriously lahh.. lili smashed my right leg... then eeyang smashed my right hand. then i was like half cripled? but oh well... i did smashed some people... hahahaha i smashed the table too... hahaha =P wah, but damn heng, never get smashed by POWERPUFFIEEEEE GIRL, NONEOTHER THAN ALINA TAN whose smashes were like whoa. scary. k anyway, then hmmm... after that finished trgn, then was too tired to go for team lunch. im still tired now btw, though it's like i dunno 6.45? =/ and i just did like i dunno 1h of frickin science. oh yahhh... i think right... in our teammmm... we really have to REN each other kies? then we can play better. try to set your difference aside and understand that what the others do sometimes might not be intention. and dun worry to write down your feelings here lahhh... that's what a blog is for... recording feelings, events etc... not just blogging about what happened today. if you guys feel unhappy with me, you can blog here or tell me face to face kies? =) and if seniors think we are immature or are so funny (-.-!), just forget them kies? =) this way, we can build a better team spirit. i sound like im answering a frickin science questions. grrr... whatever. anyway, lili, HANG IN THERE! DUN TRANSFERS KIES? you are suffering and so are we. =) and beehiang, JIA YOU! =) whhheeeeeeeee! cos im frickin stressed out too... :P mingming, yah.. sorry for smashing you today...hahaa... i keep feeling guilty about it. nicole, =) always look on the bright side of life! we love you yah? =) and thks for cheering me up *hugs* yangieee, dun stressed yourself lahh... and whoa... playing better now eh? hahaha yuanyi, *winks* sorry for screwing up on court yesterday alina tan. love you powerpuff smasher! =)
always look on the bright side of life]]*



okie im blogging wheee. yayyy tmrrw csm we can sit together again!!! but i think im gonna be late again. ahhh wait for me again ok. today we had the indian thingy at scgs. only 5 sec ones and 6 sec twos and 1 sec three went! then we ran in the rain. ahhh i think im going to be sick soon and then the dancers kept dropping their accessories so funny. me and alina and ashleen seemed to be more interested in what theye dropped that what the were performing wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. hahaha. then we had "PT" when we ran to the bus stop just to get back to school in time for trng. lalala. i dont think i can blog anymore. ok tata.
a moment like this]]*


3.30p.m. 5.05.05

halo. sorry about not going for team lunch just now. i had to do my it thing. the stupid qian bian memories on tv. $#!%^($^!%^$ i almost do finish le den got the stupid illegal operation thing den i had ter shut it down without saving. qian bian one lar. im damn pissed with it now lah. lol doggy gave me a bubble gum n im chewing it now. strawberry flavour. can blow bigbig bubble de. very cool. haha im being lame. yes q drive can open le!!!!! wheeee!!!!!!!!!
hiang arr. dont feel stressed out la. if u wan i can give u a stressball. haha den when ur stressed u can squeeze it. lol. kk i gtg do my it thing. q drive is open! haha. cyaz~
where's the love u promised?


3.11p.m. 5.05.05

harloes. hmm... how come nobody is blogging??? what happened?!?!? anyway... i want to transfer school!!! i want to go to dunman high where all my good friends are there! but i have that stupid bond... ahh... so frustrating... haiz... can i break the bond?? =)heez... okie...i don't want to blog much.. much live up to my reputation of NOT LIKING BLOGGING!!! hahaz.. byez! i'm transferring soon. lil'mei meiyi

1.53p.m. 5.05.05

booo!hehehe why no one blogging! hmph.no one bothers to check out on this blog anymore. and no one bothers to go for team recess. )): esp nicole lim and koh mingming. ARGH. anywayyy. im at the computer labb! i forgot to bring my thumbdrive so poof.everything is gone.nothing to do. bahh and my cme book.so scary.mdm tye took it.ahhh. and i wasted my time yesterday rushing my CME sia cos that mdm tye said she will give us more time! bahh. wasted. anyways thankk you yangg. for helping me so much.heh much appreciated.((: wheeeeeeee. weirdd im at this com lab where they are two people talking. sounds like a speech or something but they sometimes. stop halfway. im so weird.theres notthing to sayy. yes nvm. but anyways.nicole and mingming! try to come for team recess more often kk! ((: we are bonddeedd.hehehehe.yupp i gtg now.cyaa!!! love you all muaks.
``[ im stressed and no one cares.


8.09pm 04.05.05

today my bro's b'dae! lol ltr gonna eat cake. ahahas. welll, nth to say.
where's the love u promised?

6.09pm 30.04.05

ok... it's 6.07pm on 30 April.i decided to come to the blog and was ASTOUNDED. yuan lai my name is being mentioned in all the posts too. so i think i'm kinda outdated.i didn't know anything! well, as i said, i really don't like blogging.so i do not visit blogs very often... hahaz. anyway, i'm happiee the prob is solved. and thanks for the comments about me. IDNAWI.okie. i'll try to blog more. and check it out if my name is in there!! so exciting~~~~! hahaz. spasticated. ~~fear telling the world my thoughts. they talk. and the sky drops.~~
i'm transferring. lil'/*

yayy.we solved it.hehehehehe.we rock lah.its a fact.((: yupp.eeyang yepp yepp cheer up lah.think positive.you wont fail. like mingming said ill bet my life for that.so cheer up.((: hahahah.wheeee.i finally completed my IT assignment.the animation one. its on onminum.its spastic lah.but its about us.wahahahha.its really spastic.heh.take a look at yuanyi's one.sooo creative can!!! yupp and nicole!you havent told us what you were supposed to tell us.been dragging it for a longgg longgg time.hehe dont think i dont know. tskk tskk.wheeeeeeeeeeeee.ok lah.im going to bathe.im stinkkyy.hehhehe.and mingming!! im not hypr active lahh.ok maybe i am but isnt it supposed to be good? have a cheerful person like ME in the team.hahahah.eggooo.byeee.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


2.10p.m. 26.04.05

ok people.lets just clear this whole thing up can?????? lets stop quarrelling about stroking with whoever. i think everyone's sorry about wad wrong stuff they did in the past so lets forget about everything and be a happy team. today's team talk was very enlighting...i guess we know wads wrong now. ok conclusion: forget about everything and be happy. a note to eeyang: cheer up! i know everyone's been sayin that the chinese test was difficult, but u gotta have confidence in yourself and its not impossible to get a good score k? jiayou yangee!
umm...we have to tolerate one another and if you dont like wad someone is doing, should tell tt person lah.
i love you guys!!!!! nybT sec1s`o5 rock on/*

3.48p.m. 25.04.05

hello.waaah nicole you're so mean can.what lang fei shi jian.i know lah.you very good lah.=\\and its like.err not necessarily must be lili play with mingming what. why cant it be lili and eeyang.alina or someone.hmm but nicole dont you always cha jin qu when lili dont play with you?no offence lah.but its like you only play with us when lili isnt playing with you.=\\ and yupp what about what oily's sister said?dont complain lah.later so little people liao. if you know what i mean.dont want to rely on sec1s!!!!!i disagree lah.can tolerate one!!! hahahaha.dont type here ok.seniors lurke around the blogg. wahahahas.yupp yupp.i hope this get solved lah.heh.yupp im going to study for my chinese test lah.good luck everyone.ciaoxxx.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


8.30a.m. 25.04.05

heyo! its langarts lesson now. teacher bring us to com lab2! hehex..theres something wrong with the dates u pple write. lol.plz rmb to change the dates n times or it'll look kinda weird...and umm..i think tiffany's right.. no offence bhiang. but its like quite lang fei shi jian if lili were to stroke with mingming correct? sry mingming! im not saying tt i dont wanna stroke with u guys. its just that sometimes u pple already stroking with each other den like suddenly cha jin qu hen extra mah. ok enough talk. y not we all write down the good and bad points about everyone on the team(sec 1s only lah!)den we shall hold a team talk? den we can finally say out who da hellll we're damnn pissedd at. and umm..hiang ar, u rmb what oily said to us? about wad her sis told her...oh well its very difficult to write it here. nvm bell gonna ring! cyaz~

i'll be there till the end of time/*

12.35p.m. 21.04.05

hihi again. haha never blog for a longgg time. tee hee* carn stop thinking about the duet thingy, getting crazy over it lyk ashleen. Keep playing with hiang on the piano at moi house, even keep singin it. waa...yep ashleen i read your blog. yar larh, you are ain't no extra. Maybe somethimes it just happen to be we 7 are in the court, or who knows. yeah, then sometimes lyk me and hiang sroke with ming ming lyk 2v1. Not trying to mean anything, but when ming ming strokes before training it is usually either you or me and hiang you see. erm, i am not saying it is lyk any particular person's fault, just that i think that er should all take turns to play with one another though. yep and ming ming dun feel offended k kos i am not saying that it is your fault or anything. yep yep hope all the rest lyk give suggestions. yep k. gtg.buai.buai


11.05a.m. 24.04.05

hello.wheee ashleen i did read your blog k.=\\ i did.am i the only one?hahahh.ok nvms.err ok ya lah.so i think you said all that. err bascially its my fault right.i mean like.no you're not extra.no one is.not even mingming.andd.wait i forgot what you wrote.oh ya. err ashleen i dont really think you have been stroking with mingming wayy before the doubles partner was set.i mean you usually go join eeyang and alina. then mingming will be left alone.outside the court.so me and yuanyi will get her in.yehh u probably do stroke with her often but not always.right. ya lah its my fault.sorry.andd if you want us to actually mix around and stroke with other ppl.perhaps you like want to ask lili.and nicole. i mean.they are the only ones.who have been "daoing" us.sorry no offence.nicole either strokes with lili or ashleen.lili either strokes with seniors or nicole. the rest.we do change sometimes.just not so often.ahhh nvm.i dont know what im talking about.errm ashleen, we have been playing handicap what. havent u seen me,yuanyi and mingming playing together.though its like not so often.hmm i feel like im repeating myself all over ok nvm. just drop it lah.ohh yaa i just want to add in that i dont think that eeyang should always stroke with alina.i dont think thats fine.if we have to change. they would have too.cos its unfair.yeah true they are the doubles pair.but if every doubles pair stroke with each other.then wont mingming be left out. AGAIN.maybe we should have a schedule.hahah.monday u play with mingming.tues play with eeyang.bahh.i dont know. and yehh we should have a team talk lah.really we should.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


7.22p.m. 23.04.05

hello.hahahahh i did not ask you to add that in lah alina tan.i did not ok.oh ya and i didnt kiss you.it was barely there.hahaha.and im not cute.whahahas.wheee,i had ipw today.yuanyi came my hse she was obsessed with my dog.hahahah.((: we were fooling ard with our rackets when my friend came!hahahah.finally could start work. then we went to develope photos and photocopy survey forms.we edited it lah.so we're not THAT slow ok!hahahah.yupp anyways ashleen suggests a team talk. i think its a rather good idea.hahah.cann we talk about the bad points of other people so we can improve.=\\ i believe we've been pissed with someone. whee i gtg bye.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


8.16p.m. 23.04.05

hello. i dunno what to say. haha. i feel so stupid if i compare myself with eeyang. dont you? yes. you do. beehiang wants me to add in that she kissed me. hahaha. and she keeps apologizing. so cute. haha. yepyep. shall go study now. byesies!


6.31p.m. 22.04.05

yikes. i hate life. dont u hate life? yes. i do. i hate her!!! ((: im glad i got it out ((:
yayy i hate her.


7.59p.m. 21.04.05

boooo.nicole lim!!!!hmphh. u told me u will tell me what you and yangee doing today one.boooos.soo mean lah u.hmph!yangee told me you two are doing something abt nybt.i guess its a design for something.hmm.youre sooo meann.wahhhss.tell me tell me tell me tell me. wheee.im scaredd.hmphhhh.i dont want to run.dont want.dont want dont want dont want.ahhhh!im going to make such a fool of myself now lah. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs.im scaredd.)):arghh i wont be able to sleep tonight.ahhh lets drop it drop it drop it.oh no i cant get it off my mind lah.okokok.lets talk abt the day i had today!i had to stay back for IT assignment and then something happened.wheee.ok nvm.hahaha.im so spastic today too nervous already.ahh okok i need to get some sleep.ahh byee.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


12.35p.m. 21.04.05

wheee! im blogging in sch! lab2 hahax. lunch now. hmm..me n yangee doin sth fishy n everyone knows. haha we'll tell u guys on friday. which is tmr. dun worry. its umm..really nice. haiz me n yiyi lost to ______ and mingming. nice job mingming. u did well in 1.5km. we're proud of ya! whee!! vernice cud have run faster...she cuz haf beaten ______ 3 seconds lah. so sad. oh ya the sec2 blog is very umm...ahem..biantai. wahas. lucky hianghiang nvr choose a biantai name like theirs. whee! oscars for 1/3 pple! ask me if u want the whole list. haha. im proud terr be the most biantai! yay! n the crapper too! wahas.

strangers once more/*

7.22p.m. 19.04.05

wheeeee.hello!!! hehehehe this blog has been stale for 3 days so i finally decided to blog.hahah.and nicole you didnt ask me to blog la.yupp. so today.i got scolded by theresa wong la.i forgot to bring my chem worksheets then we were in the library.then after that i had to photocopy la then the photocopy machine something wrong lahh!!!haiyoohh.the first one was paper jam.then the second one was.like warming up took very long. so that theresa wong was pissed.)): hahah.wheee then sabbaticals!!!hahahah oh my god lah.alina i love you!!!!thanks thanks thanks for "lending" me the computer.wahhhs.at first yuanyi didnt get in.then i thought oh shit i dont want to be alone.)): but her momm managed to get her in!!! three cheers for yuanyi's mom.hahahah.im so spastic.yupp yupp.i got scolded by mom lorh.=XX cos i was trying to ask my mom to log on to ivle to help yuanyi but then she didnt know how to turn that anti virus thing off so that she could use the internet and she was rather impatient la and scolded me.so you see.yuanyi.i was rather pissed just now when i asked you to call your mom but u dont want.sorry about it heh.yupp then we had sports heats.nicole was the first sec1!!! liwen was the fourth i think.and yuanyi was the.err i think last few la.but nvm you guys did well. congrats.too bad we didnt manage to beat __________. but shes in track what!!!oh yeppp then i had my high jump with nicole and yuanyi.so pathetic lah. hahahhaa.we first round out liao.hahahah.so embarrassing.=\\ then i had my 80m.hehehe.at i beat ____.hehehehehhehehehe.eeyang told me that the first person got 9++. omg am i that slow!!?!?!?!?!?!?=XX i think its not accurate or something.i dont think it was 80m lehh.so far back. haiii.yupp i've got to go eat dinner now.ciaoxx.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


5.00p.m. 16.04.05

yoyoz! ok today's pt was erm...*no comment* i shall ask bhiang and alina to blog later. i doubt alina would. hehez. oh well...nothin to write. happy bdae yuanyi! hoope ur happy. haha. n touched too! muz not forget to cry k? whee!

givin upp/*

9.36p.m. 14.04.05

hihi again...lonh time dun blog loi. pai seh. lately really very busy! haha today moi b'day!!!! so fun! haha hiang gave me a really CUTE CUTE tigger. so nice..gonna sleep with me tonite. then all you pple so sneaky, hiding surprises from me. haha then hiang pretend forgot moi b'day. haha so cute! but really thks to you all.. all so nice! thks for all the stuff! muahah luv ya 4 eva!
8.40p.m. 14.04.05

lol my mum wants me to teach her how to blog...haha! she doesnt want to be lao tu anymore. we won today! against ahs. i forgot the score. either 3-2 or 4-1 not sure. alina is soooo cute!!!

4.02p.m. 13.04.05

wheee.hahahahha.this blog is like inactive la.booooss.hehehe.me and yuanyi were bullying nana-jie today!hahahahah.she was so cute la.hehehehe. yupp anyways.yay skipping was fun today.ive got no idea why.=X i guess its better than running la.and congrats mingming.getting 2nd in 1.5km. hahahah too badd you didnt get first la.do us proud.((: nvm yuanyi will win sarah anytime la.hahahahha.oh yehh.there was this cheering thingie again this morning and the counsellor said that we could move about.so i went to get the team.hehehhe.except for ashleen and mingming.i supposed we couldnt find them or soemthing.=\hahahha.i cant wait for the team shirt.yayyy.i cant wait cant wait.shall we have a teamm nametag!??that says. nybt sec1s.hehhe.then we can wear it.hahaahahah.how about it!?yupp ok i need to go create the darn speech for the stupid speech training liao la.im scaredd!!!byeee.
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


8.03p.m. 9.04.05

boo. yeah todays training was fun. Xd. but apparently SOMEBODY did not get wet. i wonder who that person is. hmm. *glances innocently around the room.* I DONT EAT SLOWLY! its that you eat fast okayy cute beehiang. it just so happens that i am always the slowest in eating. HMM. bahh. during lunch we were talking about everybody in the team eh? haha. everybody. and we discovered that. ashleen was previously from, CHOIR *to see sherman, TAEKWONDO, a LIBRARIAN and whoops i forgot the last one. oh oh oh. YES. a BROWNIE. ahhahahhaha. we were laughing and laughing. so mean righto. beehiang was laughing and whispering to yuanyi about something and she couldnt stop laughing. so she stood up and laughed. then sat down again. heh. so cute. i think that this post is long. is it? dontch know. good night everybody.

4.59p.m. 9.04.05

hehehehe.nnicoleee.tell me who u love quicck!yay nicole is going to play hahahah.good luckk nicole.we'll be there,cheering for you.heh heh. today training was funn!we playeed whacko yupp yupp.hahahhahah.i dint get wet.alina i bet you're SO jealous.hehehe.yupp then we went to eat lunch hahah.alina, yuanyi and ashleen went too!hehehe.its was fun.we eat.alina eat so slow la.haiyoohhh.hahhaha.so cute alina.((: yupp pt was tiring la.had to run 10 rounds!blearghh.i kinda of felt like fainting anytime.its like yuanyi said la.when ure running.u want to cough cannot cough out one.so its really.uncomfortable.yupp.)): anyways nicole how come your post all about seniors one.haiyoohh.hahahha.((: yay i finish sewing liao la hahahah.i stayed up till 11.30 to do it la then the next day they tell me its hand in next week.soo pissed.boos.)): wheee.we are going to design a team tshirt!!!!hahahahahhahahahahaha.i cant wait.then everyone must wear during saturday training ok!!shall we have a day when we will go out together. hahah.team outing dayy.((: whhee.wanntt watch moviee!? watch horror movie.anyways YUANYI BDAE COMING SOON.ahahahhaha.((:shall go now.byeee. lurve ya guys!!
``[ nybt sec1s`o5 rule


4.10p.m. 9.04.05

argh! my com hanged while i was halfway doing this. so now im gonna have to retype the whole thing. lets start with today's training. haha. it was very fun! we played wacko with either dorlisa or ruiqi's water bottle. not use it to hit but use it to spray water. we had to call each other by chinese names. tiffany was the wettest. her whole shirt was soaking wet. hahaz. we kinda sabo-ed her. =)
i lost to lili! haha. nevermind. alina!!!!! when u get the cloth right, we go sewing together! yay! lol. oh ya, delphine looked kinda weird without her specs. ooh she wear contacts. hehe.tingyu was teaching her how to clean the lenses. haha. hope xinyi recovers in time...we need her!! yeah...i cant wait for umm...next saturday's training! hehe. *tsk tsk* lol. im crapping. haha thank u tee-shirt abt yesterday. whee!
[maybe im a dreamer maybe not]
i love jiejie/*

6.01p.m. 8.04.05

hellos!wheeee.so are we changing template or not?so heartbroken hahah no one said my template was nice ok!hmphh!)):whee anyways i missed chinese lesson and my chinese teacher was like.ni you yao qu bi sai le ah.hahahah im too lovable.my teacher likes me too much.((:hahahha. yupp yupp.aww tournament today.lost to plmgs.4-0.they had a walk over for xinyi's matched.)):stretched muscle.poor thing.must be really painful. yupp nvm.anyways i believe nicole could have won if she played the first singles and it would be better if renee wasnt sick la.hahah.badd luck. boos.nvm.we shall work hard.hahah.jiayou! lalalala~im waiting for the interesting news alina.u never tell me!hmphhh.dont like you.anyways people go online today at 7.30 pm please!!!!!!!!!!urgentheheh secreeettt.xP dont tell ahhhs!!!!this blogg is in.ahem."public" wheee.yupp.i shall go and bathe now.hope u guys have a great night ahead.

7.53pm 06.04.05

congrats. everyone of u are living in the past. 06.03.05. how NICE the date. btw i just travelled a time machine and arrived at the future. exactly ONE month into the future. so the date says 06.04.05. from now on you all will be living one month ahead of time okay?! yeap. YAYIE. this is fun. im blogging after a looong time. yay. all of u should thank me for being nice and for blogging. no u shouldnt. u should bang me cuz i so long din blog. no nothing should happen to me. im taking a classic IQ test now. lets see whats my IQ ok? nono i gave up. loads of calculations to do. wow. i abandoned this post for 15 minutes. now im back. still doing tickle test. wait i finish up this test. whoa i got 24/30. so low damn. anyold how. i should log off now and do my math. damn my stomach hurts. yeowwwwwwwwwwwww i need medicated oil. DAMN im slacking too much today. i only did two math exercises and studyied for hist. test. i need to finish off my math worksheets now. or i will feel very ji2. yuck. u guys know that kinda feeling when u havent finish ur homework right. SO irritating. wahoo i think theres no trng on friday. one more day to faster recover from flu. yayyyyieeeee. BYEBYE. i'm trying to let you know that i'm better of on my own//

6.30pm 6.03.05

boo. boooo. boooooo. do you see any pattern? so dumb! heh. laadeedoodah? oh yes. nicole! i will pass you the cloth on mon IF POSSIBLE. bahh. sorrys. i feel bruised. yiyi coco and hiang hiang KEPT ON beating me today at popular. HMPH. very fun is it?! dunno what logic. you all said something like..if you beat this part you'll get this sound. and if you beat that part, you'll get another sound. WAAAH. crazee. i shall just keep mute NEXT TIME when you all abuse me again. heh. boo. i gtg now. see ya tomorrow! tata!

winnie the pooh and friends rock*

8.15pm 4.03.05

whee! im blogging! coz my parents aint home so im using the com. *tsk tsk* =) oh well. assembly today was the shrewd brass quintet performing. they're quite a comical band. guess what? mingming made a total fool outta herself. she was the mc for tt assembly n after the 1st piece by the shrewd brass, she tot tt the whole assembly was over(puh-lease!! 15min juz passed...)den she was like "would the teacher in charge come here" or something like tt. wahas. so funny. ok dont wanna talk bout this anymore. in case mingming flares up n who knows wad'll happen...chill mingming if ya reading this.

garfield rox/*

2.13pm 3.03.05

hihi pple. waa. pai seh if i wrote the date wrongly, kos i dunno the date! and of course too lazy to check. tee hee. when out early in the morning today to sao mu. then went for b'fast with moi cousins, haha so fun. but now so sian stuck at home, with tons of sch work that maths journal yet to be done. waaa...so much...die loi dunno how to finish. so sad moi racket spoil loi. hope can get a new one soon. =) wack too hard against yangee one. haha. hey pple must blog hor.kk gtg buai

9.21p.m. 2.04.05

heyy this blogg is like so inactive larhs.people please blog leis.please please please please please.ahhh.must keep this blogg going u know. or i will be heartbroken.all my hardd workk.)): sobb sobb.omg my stomach is hurting like hell la.the pt was badd.and i guess i just din have enuff breakfast.bleaergh.was feeling sickk.=X yupp.and ahhhhh i wasnt crying la.sheesh. ouchhhh.its hurting me alot.booos.stupid leg raisers.ahh, wheeeeeee.sighhh.ashleen's right.our team has got no team spirit at all.hmm.must grow to b a stronger team larhs.((: and rmb our long term goal. wahhahas to get in the nationals next year!!ok larhs so nicole claims that its a short term goal but whatever it is.hehe.its still our goal. yay.hahahs.im crazyy today.AHHHHH MY STOMACH HURTS.)): yay went to KAP today after trng wit alina.nicole.ashleen.yuanyi.ahahhas.ate so much. was bloated.blearghh.IM FATT.ahhhh.i must go on a diet.lalala~ hmm oh yep alina that xing4 sheng1 is boring i tell u.HELL BORING.omg larhs.the jokes they made were damn lame larhs.i mean they try to be funny but its nt funny!!!!!ok larh but the show.overall its nice larhs.blearghh.yupp hope u guys enjoy your day.and nicole!JIAYOU OK WIN UR MATCH.((: wo2 men2 yong3 yuan2 zhi1 chi2 ni!

10.56 a.m. 27.03.05

grr... yeah ok... not shy to admit it... this is my FIRST time bloggin... as i've said a million times before... BLOGGIN is horrible... i HATE the idea of bloggin.. but hey hey... this is just testing yeah? hahaz... MAYBE.. if this is successful... i'll blog OMCE IN A BLUE MOON... WAHAHAHAAZ... okie.. gonna keep this chao short... again i said.. just testing... gals ya happy? hahaz... sec 1 NYBT'05 rawks!!! lil' rawks the most!!! WAHAHAHAz... kidding yeah... :)(: hahaz.. chaoz

hellohello! hola! i'm in this place called V E R T I G O
9.56 p.m. 26.03.05

hi. im forced to blog. oops shouldnt have said that. x| reading animal farm...rushing to finish it... wheeee... hey im bored. booo... lets baby talk. shooga? oofm. ooh bobba! rararoorere? whoosh! shashashooshashey wahaheehoo. boobaabooo.bleah! bleahblarghblohh! k. thanx for reading (: have a nice day!

hellohello! hola! i'm in this place called V E R T I G O

7.35 p.m. 26.03.05

hihi. lalal today there was training after all.then we played dog and bone, lol. when with the seniors for lunch and it was lyk so weird lorh. tif and ting yu kept staring at bhiang and me. so creepy. then we drank this drink it was a mixture of sarsi, ice lemon tea, coke, sprit and root beer. [it tasted not as bad as it sounds though] My cousin going back tomorrow..boo hoo=( haha pple cheer up dun be too sad over your results!^__^ kk gtg for dinner. buai buai

NyBt sec'o1s rawk

6.55p.m. 26.03.05

wheeeeee.im soo happy.wahahhahahahahahahahhahhahas.nuffin is gonna spoil my mood now.unless someone comes reminding me abt how badd i failedd my maths. anddd alina!thnkss ferr ur ."cheerios." yanggee u sayy u will blogg when u come home one.nv blogg.boos.ohh yehh.ashleen!how are u now feeling better.tut tut.must rest well kaex.hahas.shuldd we haf a teamm bagg lykk yangee says.n haf a special team outing dayy!once every.err two weeks? are u guyss free!?((: lalalalalaa.this post is short.hmm dunn know what to blogg about.hmm yehh.haf a great dayy tmr and everyone, study hardd. dunn b as stupidd as me k!catchya all latexx!

10.53p.m. 24.03.05
hey. CHEER UP EVERYBODY. smileos. my progress report is not good. gah.sighs.my mum still hasnt seen my progress report but i have already told her about it. nothing really spectacular. really nothing. nought. nilch. zero. shes going to email my math teacher cause of some... miscommunication. i dont know. sia deadlines have been extended. this is great. no exclamation mark. did i spell exclamation correctly? i think so. still, this proves that my engish is dropping further. AH. im dead already. bee hiang! dont think so lowly of yourself cause you arent. CHEER UP! xd. its not the end of the world for you. okay? cheerios. good nights. have a good friday tomorrow.

7.47p.m. 24.03.05

hellos.badd day.stupid progress report ruined my day.totallymann im starting to haf you1 yu4 zheng4 and i figured dat nicole hates moi! boos.)): im starting to hate myself.loads.really wish i was a better person.)): okaes.im really really reallu depressed right now n yuanyi suggested me to blog cos she sed that i wuld feel better.i meann lykk.i dunn know try it out perhaps.well i hope u guys get a good grade ferr ur progress report.oh ya.looking on the bright side.my form tcher sed i was a committed badminton player.wahhaa.n a matured kidd.so ashleen u carn sae im childish now.okaes.im being lame.i know.well this blogg.been veh inactive ferr days.no ones bloggin.including me.i guess everyones is just busy wit school n stuff but perhaps u guys can get some time out of ur busy err schedule ferr blogging on the best sec1 badminton team ever?hahas. bleargh.hmm so haf loads loads loads loads of homeworrk.loads of projects to rush including the stupid IPW.can u imagine.im doing the topic on to board or not to board n that has to b written in chinese!im lykk omg.D-E-A-D dead.blearghh.im hating life.hating everything there is.
well anyways lets nt tokk abt the bad stuff anymore.great news i guess.we had pt today.n yeh i guess we were pretty lucky it was that 4,3,2,1 running again.i hate that mann nn 12 shuttles.arghhh.hmm we were sprinting.around the whole level.err must finish the lap in 1.05 minutes. hmm and my partner was yuanyi.eeyang,alina n nicole obviously went in threes.once again abandoning us aside.okok.im pissing peeps off.>.< carrnnn blamee me!im screweddd.my life is screwedd.my day is screweed.everything is just SCREWED.)): im depreesed.enuff of letting out my err just dayy opinions. gotta go now.anyways remember to blogg peeps pls.we hafta keep this blogg going!

7.25pm 24.03.05

hiaxx... didnt go for pt today, cos my knee was quite pain... but i still hafta do PT on sat. the whole nybt sec 1 & 2'05 probably think i'm a slacker lah. =/ like ytd, nv go for PT becos had to go home by 3pm cos this weirdo coming to fix my printer. =/ i feel so guilty for not going lah...but i dun think anyone would believe me... =/ most people probably want me to get off the team. =/ dun blame them though. im very unreasonable sometimes off and during training. =/ moreover, i feel that i'm very guo fen. cos during team recess or lunch, halfway, i hafta run off. quite bad leh... =/ if only i wasnt a monitress and had to do so much stuff... =/ hiaxx...

seriously lah... i feel like giving up liao, but oh well... it'll only show that im a loser. but i really cant help it. i dun get along very well with the others... then like i also quite mean to ming ming. AND I'M SO BLOODY IMPATIENT ON COURT! can you imagine? i bet i'm the only one who wanted to cry when i played with ming ming. =/ then likeee... i dun feel that im improving in badminton lah... not at all. =/ and all the others are like improving so much man. feel like a loser sia. =/ hiaxx... maybe God wants to punish me. i seriously have no idea, but apparently, the best thing that could happen to me is that my team mates and i could work well one day. k gtg eat liao... cya guys...! byeeeee. nybt's loser.

7.04p.m 24.03.05

hihi again. hey u pple blog leh. so empty. Today did PT after school. Then we had to sprint one whole level in 1 min and 5 sec. Whoa at first lyk so impossible. haha but in the end still made it though. although it was super tiring but at leat is better than the four2, three2, two2, one2 thingy, that oe is extra extra tiring lorh! haha then raced the sec 2 up and down the stairs. it was fun though! but we lost by 10 seconds..boo hoo... so sian. ivle spoil loi. waa i failed my science. boo hoo again. k gtg buai buai.

7.49p.m. 21.03.05

hihi again. waa beginning of term 2. waa so sian hafta go to school again. waa still got the photoshop thingy haven't do yet.de loi. dun even haf the slightest ideamon how to do. Nvm. Moi cousin so fun keep playing. then went swimming that day. Keep playing with e water slide. she's like 30+ loi then still so fun wanna play water slide and splash water. waa she rawks! lalala kk. gtg beta do moi art! buai

NyBt rakws

11.44a.m. 20.03.05

ellos u youngthingummywuts.wahahas im hyper today.high!whee srry ferr nt taggin ferr so long.i know u guys missed me a lot.wahhahas.anyways alina u shuldnt go err lykk telling everyone the linkk.whee.nybt is special u know.so it shuld remain as a secret okaes nvm im crapping lahs. lalalalalala~ oh yeh trng yesterday.omg larhs.i hate that stupid 3 shuttles and 12 shuttles,whus that ass whu invented such a trng drill. )): boos my legg were as numb as it culd b.andd i foundd 50 cents in the vending machine so i bought 4 h2os.wahhaas.1 ferr yuanyi.1 ferr alina n 2 ferr me.((: carn blame me larhs i needed some energy drinkk cos i was err somehow getting alittle dizzy.xD hmm denn eeyang was pissed.wit someone whom she refusses to tell.=X probably me.wahahhas.okok lets nt haf cliques in this team.whee.lala~ oh oh n lili asked me how to blog yesterday.but she sae she wun blogg only want to know suspicious eh. blogg la lili xP hehe.err i finkk im gonna hafta eat my breakfast now.note breakfast.wahhahas.cyaa!

8.01p.m. 18.03.05

hello! eh. you know this blog's song? heres the link. http://www.helc.edu.cn/mainweb/xiaoyuan/mp3paihang/jiaoao.mp3 heh. i think you can copy and paste in your address bar. then it will open in your windows media player. its the song with the singer. lala. went to coro just now to develop photos while ashleen mingming nicole and ashleens friend went to eat. aah. ooh. nicole! i just remembered sth. THE TOILET INCIDENT! our little secret. hahhaa. shall keep the rest of you all in SUSPENSE. tsktsk. then..in the morning. i reached the bus stop at 8.05. WE TOOK THE WRONG BUS! hehehe. thanks to our dear friend nicole. so we rushed like mad. and were ALMOST late. but NOT late. XD. pro arent we. tumdeedum. i played doubles just now with nicole. we won. but thennn. nicole was quite annoyed cause i kept on losing points. sorry! :(. i shall go help me mumsies make jellies for tomorrow. see ya!

3.15p.m. 18.03.05

whee! went for lunch at coro with mingming, ashleen, a fren of ashleen n alina(though alina din eat coz she went home 4 lunch). lol ashleen 'recommended' chicken chop n we all had that. lol. so sad bhiang and yuanyi din come trng today coz it was so cool!! wahas we played matches(21 points leh! so tiring..)against the acs pri boys. whee got one little p4 boy soooooo cute!! and his name is teddy!! he's like only 1.0m tall. and very very cute!! wahas i lost my match..but played doubles with alina n won! wheee! mr wee made us do physical. bleh so tiring!! lol we did leg raisers n the acs pple kept grumbling. yay we din grumble coz tiffany made us do it durin sat pt. wahahas! haiz stilll haven do my sewing...

u rock/*

9.39p.m. 18.03.05

hihi! so sian today can't go fo training. Then someone callled me, i think it was xinyi. haha could not recognize the voice. tomorrow got pot lard [dunno if it is spelt like that] yay! but i don't know what to bring. blehh...what are you people bringing ah? Still have a lot of school work, waa plus SIAs.=( looks like everyone havn't finish their sewing,lol. I broke like 6 needles while sewing kos i had too many layers. waa.. dunno how i am gonna finish it on time though. ^__^?? anyways all e best pple nad buai buai


4.20p.m. 17.03.05 thursday

whee! trng tmr at acs barker. wahahas. im so dead/busted coz i haven even done my design for home econs tt stupid sewing thing. alina's 2nd post is very queer. hmm..i like name nicks on msn. waha. at least i dont keep changing my nicks unlike someone...wahahas! quite happy because i've done my history(yay!) but im still pretty worried about my sewing. well, i think im gonna get my mum's help. no use staring at the stiffener, cloth, scissors etc. and doing nothing right? sigh!! guess i gotta go draw out my design. and people, please blog! wahas! n i agree with ashleen. we should tell mingming about this because no matter how we *ahem ahem*, we're still teammates/friends and we'll still be seeing each other every other day. hope you guys xiang tong le!

u rock/*

11.12p.m. 16.03.05

hello. second post here. cheers everybody. aaah. i shall not pour out my woes about my sewing thing here. though i really want to. hehe. bargh. my mum thinks that i should be in bed now. ah. but i still want to continue doing my homework. my homework is all on the comp. typing typing and more typing. hehe. anyways. i find nicole's screen name on msn very amusing! hehehehehe. its about. sth like.. i stare into the toilet bowl and i see yellow and brown. hahaha. so DISGUSTING RIGHT. but. very nice. hehe. lalala. dunno what to blog about. i shall be a good girl. byebye. tata. adios. sayonara. ciao. byebye. cya. good night. sleep loose. cheerios.


6.29 p.m. 16.03.05

hmmm k i shall blog. only me and nicole blogging leh. all of u blog please xD ahh yuanyi i caught u tagging. if u have time to tag, u sure have time to blog! WAHAHAHAHA i feel so hyper. dunno why xD are YOU hyper? oh yes i am! AHH i know why liao. BECUZ I FINISHED ALL MY HOMEWORK. yes ALL! all my holiday homework!!! AHHHH!!!!! SCREAM!!!! SHOUT!!! CHEERRRRRRRR. cuz MEE! MEE! i finished all my homework. oh yeah i might be able to go for saturday trng!!! cuz my mommy bringing me home from camp on friday night. yayyyyieeee... k i got no more motivation to blog. i shall see you guys around! meanwhile have fun for friday's trng. and saturday. x) tata

peace out!

3.00 p.m. 16.03.05

whee! hurhur like nobody's blogging lor!haiz~ anw, ytd we had lots of fun!! wahaha..i dowan say wad we did coz its vv embarrassing ferr me. =) but we laughed till erm..stomach ache?! guess so! wahahas! anw, listen upp guys! delphine ah ma says tt our blog ish veri boring coz we din mention abt our "darling" seniors. wheee! i haven do home econs yett. its so damnnn lame lor! wonder y we muz learn this..sigh!!

u rock/*

12.30 p.m. 15.03.05

WAHAHA im posting this before i go for trng. HAHAHAH everyone is excited about trng today! WEETWOOTWEET. but i think im going to be a LEETLE late cuz my mom is still chatting on the phone. oh bahh so if im late for sewing DONT shout at me xD kk i should end here. cant crack up my brains anymore xD BYEEEEE

11.35a.m. 15.03.05

wahaha! this webbo is soooo cool! wheee!! muz encourage alina to blog!! blehh n tt baka oily too!wahaha baka is in japp. it means _____ wheee!!ltr going to schh at 1.30pm! yay yangee teaching us how to sew! coz she finished hers oreddy n we havent started yett. wahaha! its gonnnnaa beeee reelliii fuuunnnn!!! without ahem ahem yeahhh!! no seniors go tt earlier too i think. so we sec1s r gonna have a helloada funnn!!! w00t!!!!wahaha im tooo happy!!!hehehehe played gb juzz now. nth muchh terr saee! haiz same n hiang n yangee stare at da screen dunno wad terrr wrritee.haiz~ managed to finish my damnnn hist sia! wheee! n so suayyy larr! home econs lesson 1st week is sewing!! blehhh i haven do sewingg!! wahahaas!wheee 2 more hrs!! sigh~ im havinggg a stomach achee noww. wahaha so painful. hmm..i abit siao. pain still can lafff. wahahaha! juzz came bakk frm toilet.do biggg business yeahh!! xD wheee! guess i g2g apply medicatedd oil(oily!!)wahaha!! carnnt waitt ferr laterr! aiya..i think ******** will be over-reacting when she sees me...sigh~ wellll nvmm..adios!

u rock/*

10.55a.m. 15.03.05

whee helloes.woot i havent been bloggin ferr lets c.umm 2 days.whahahs.((: yay i lurve this webbo.so manyy peeps bloggin!hehehes.wahhs nicole whyy keep chaing the color.tsk tskk.mine nicer.xD eeyangg.tronkkyy is nice righto!hehes.tho im starting to get sorta sickk of it.u know last time i can eat 18 of it in a week.xD n i got a high fever afta that so betta b careful.xP anyways BOOS.i havent do my home econs yett larhs.damn it n this whole week im gonna b soo darnn busyy.)): i have loads of projects.one week nt enuff.wahh lauss.whyy carnn teh hols b ferreva.okaes.im too naive.=X vivid imagination.whee.lalala~ oh yehh err good luckk to u all today.those whu r competing in the pilot pen thingie.err i know abit late larhs. but nvms!
hmm yepp yepp i finkk im gonna b lykk yanngg staring at the screen dunno what to write.hurr.i need stiffennerr.plss someone got extra gif moi! i need urgently.my stiffener no glue one.boos.wahhahs.carnn wait to go ferr trng today.at 1.30((: we r soo feminine.we r gonna sew. kaes i know im lame.xD lallalalalala~ soo sian.oh yeh u know what happened just now.i went ferr my piano lesson n i was err 15 minutes late. my fater was shitting in his toilet.n he took soo long.so i was late.boos.n i culd tell.the tcher was lykk angryy.=X veh scary lorhs.denn every time i play a wrong note she will lykk bhiang!..wahhhhss.boos.must b had a bad day.early in the mornin.wahahs.n she spoiled my dae.=X hmm yehh gotta go now. carrnn waiitt ferr trnnnnnnnnggggggg i wann goo now.catchya all laters!ciaoxX!.

2.50p.m. 14.03.05 Monday

yay! i've decided to switch my font to orange! dunno if the rest will copy. wahaha i dont care. actually got nothing to blog. wahahaha!! well my bro's addicted to his stupid fifa2005 game. wads so nice about tt game i dunno. i tried playing it but it suxs yeah! i prefer the gameboy version anyway. whee! im kinda addicted to N'Sync's Falling now. Yeah its a great song! i like the lyrics. wahahaha!

congrats to oily for winning her match! haha not forgetting the seniors too! rock on nybt!! later got somemore matches. i think tiffany's playing later. wahahaha whoever's playing i wish her best of luck! wheee! oh crap i still haven do finish my hist sia!! blast! i shall do that after this. tut tut!! yay! wahaha im so happy coz my bro just conceded a goal in his game. he's cursing away. lol. anyway, i think this is the only time i'll ever have to do this thing. coz after sch reopens, i'll have no time to go msn or use com. wahaha! so im making full use of the remaining time i have left. =) yipee i think im going mad. for no particular reason. yaa...kk anw i gtg do history. blehh it suxs!! wahahahahaa!!

u rock!

1.23p.m. 14.03.05 Monday

lili won her match! congrats lili!!!! AND ALL OUR OTHER SENIORS WAHAHAH. HEY im in love with: tronky, ICE SOCCER. boooooo wahaha. i cant blog anymore. no idea. i just blogged for the sake of blogging. so yuanyi wont scream at me. ta ta eeyangoee*

3.00p.m. 13.03.05 Sunday

whee!!! later gotta do history SIA. so sian!! wahaha just remembered something disgusting that happened on thursday. we had this treasure hunt game then there was this game where we had to find polo sweets hidden in flour. i was e 1st person to go...den i kinda dug out most of the hidden sweets. blehh i got flour in my mouth!! then i went toilet n guess wad? i vomited out my lunch! wahahaha the flour made me vomit out my lunch and my lunch was visible in the vomit. as in can still see the vegetables and so on. gross rite? wahahaha!!! i think its cool!! not every day u get to see half digested food. yeah i kno im gross. bear with it for a moment!! =)

its good to see ashleen blogging. haha. except for tt lamo oily n *ahem* mingming who aint blogging yet. wahahaha. dunno y i keep writing wahahaha. lol! wheee...im gonna think of ways to force oily lili to blog. hahahaha!! great im in a hyper mood noww. wonder whyy..xD im gonna say something tt will irritate many ppl:

103 won talentime and telematch!!!!! talentime n telematch!!! whee!! woohoo!! (hiang,im not ego ok!!) wooohooo!!!

and last but not least: 103 rox!! wheee!! i encourage u guys to change ur font colour. but dun mess up the original colour code. whee! enjoy changing font colours! you cheng jiu gan after changing.wahaha

u rawk

10.45a.m. 13.03.05

blahz... my first contribution to this blog. =P i'm like super exhausted right now and superrrie sick! =/ camp was okay i guess, my class didnt win anything and they were kinda pissed with the camp. =/ never knew i had sore losers in my class. =/ anyway, had badminton training yesterday. no idea why nicole never come. =/ we ran around the school like 8 rounds and i was like superrr exhausted then did 12 shuttles. mr wee kept calling me useless. =/ i hate it when people call me that. then played against josephine with alina. quite unfair lah, two verus one. but oh well. =) i was using mr wee's racquet... not bad one though. =) think i'm gonna buy it. then after that yuan yi and bhaing and the rest went for lunch. i couldn't cos i had an appointment. =/ k finish liao... bye bye! 9.49p.m. 12.03.05

hihi! whoa niclole blog! yeah!man still not everyone, so sad! Lifeskills camp over, boo hoo over class didn't win anything.Nvm we tried our best anyways. i had to wear wet shoes for 2 days all b'kosof the river corssing. Haha but i was really fun though, juz that my shoes got wet. But after that i discovere that ther were a lot of jellyfish in the water...so freaky. Haha then hiang was wacking me during the 2nd nite sleep.And 110 rawks! tenners rules!today had training, played hide and seek. It was so cheapskate lorh keep running away, then went downstairs to hide,lol! then nicole had fever didn't come. pple didn't noe wat time to go also. Got a headache in the lousy bus went going hm, blehh...haha anyways buai buai, and blog!


4.40p.m. 12.03.05

Heya im backk!! Currently im very free so im gonna blog coz i've got nothing to do. Camp's over everyone's happy/sad/frustrated/smiling/crying whatever. Haha something weird happened but im not gonna say anything about it. WooT there's a week of holidae and gotta go sch for trng. Haha sec 1 nybt listen up: Force the ass Oily to blog!!! coz its like only me, yiyi, hiang, alina n yangee blog lor. Haha not forgetting mingming. She doesnt blog too. Lets hope and pray hard that oily gets over her fears of blogging and i dun think mingming kno this blog. Wahaha mabbe she knows but she dowanna blog.
Yay camp was fun! Muahahaha i din go river crossing and the pool activities becoz *ahem ahem*. Wahahaha!! So fun! Yangee did the same thing too!! Wahahaha!
Whee!! Costa Sands was alrightt. Heh same as hiang i miss my instructors too! Eddie was really a wacky guy. Haha we think he's abit gay. Lol no offence!! Whee i slept at 9 last nite. Woke up 13 and a half hours later! Sigh im still tired. And my hist SIA is still not done yet. No homework yay!!!
gonna try something. 103 rox!!
hope that worked. i think it'll work. YaY I CHANGED THE FONT COLOUR!!!!! HAHA!! I LIKE ORANGE!! WHEEEE!!!! IM MAD!!! kk cool down. sorry bhiang for not going by ur "dun change font colour" thingy but it was only 4 103 rox. =D GTG!!!! BYEEE!!!!! *hyper*
u rawk

4.02p.m. 12.03.05

ellos!whee.yay nicole finally blogged n the camp has ended!three cheers ferr these classes:
1o4 - best class
1o5 - best cheer
112 - good activity rep
1o8 - ms nanyang
1o3 - talentime first
hipp hipp horray.hees.im nutto.wahhoo so sadd right 11o nv winn.wahhas.nvms our class still good larhs.hurr.anyways those prizes shows that ppl in nybt rawks.whahas.hmm toodayy.badd dayy.yuanyi sed will go coro today.but in the end go to the stupid thomsom plaza.n si eeyang n yuanyi ish keeping a secrett.hurr.cliques.boos.hurr i shabnt tokk abt the badd stuff.-.-"anyways.yepp yepp trng was bleah witout nicole.hurr.^^" so ahem.lalala.anyways LILI u ass.blogg larhs.((: or else i will go afta u.whee.hmm did everyone enjoyy the camp?i did!hees MY tcher rawks. ms sia bee leng.woot.if u guys had her u wuld haf thot that no tcher was ever better.n costa sands.hehes.the activites were farnn. river crossing.hahas.naughty nicole skipped it.tut tut.xD yepp yepp miss my instructors.gotta go now.cya.

3.20p.m. 12.03.05

Heyyy!!!!!!!! gud old yangee taught me how to do this thing!!!!! haha i hope i dun mess up e codes...A VERYBIGTHXXXXX TO YANGEE!!!! like so cool man!!! 103 won talentime!!!! and 103 oso won telematch!!!!! i bet oily muz be very happy tt her class won e best class thingy..diaongg!!! kk nvm im very HYPER now becoz of wad 103 won yesterday. we all were like "103 wont win de lah! see other classes de dance so nice ours like sh!t." HaHa!! So sad..coz my pri sch sportsday my house(BlUe HoUsE) got LAST place siA...n blasted yellow got 1st again..sigh!!! haha i ran 4x100m old girls' relay n got 1st!!!! haha..so cool i got a medal too! n im down with a stupid fever. must be becoz of the camp. blast din go trg today. lol *extra rest*!! kidding!(in case the seniors see this..) ^^ yay gtg! buh-byess!!

/*u rawk! nnicole*

7.02p.m. 07.03.05

hihi! I love this team blog!muaks! but i will be much better if everyone in e team blogs. Anyways, today is the first day of lifeskills camp! we played a lot of teamwork activities, but the string one was really horrible. I didn't even know what the questions were and was like tagging along the whole time. I was in the middle and being pilled by bith sides so my hand was REALLy pain lorh. Our class dance and cheer rawks! It is like so nice, especially the spongebob squarepants cheer. After school i stayed back to learn e class dance, but we sort of ended up singing spongebob squarepants song and created a cheer out of it. haha, so fun. wish our class was lyk tt every day. tenners rawks anyways. kk,gtg, buai buai!^__^


7.13p.m. 06.03.05

okay after much persuasion by bhiang and yuanyi and alina i decided to blog. from the template xD and i'm honoured to be the fourth to blog. umm... guess what. i have been staring at this page for twenty minutes. i dont know what to blog about. i just know that tmrrw is camp and i know it will suck. bahh. thats another ten minutes gone... i'll keep informing u of the time i get back to this page until i get sian... hahaha no lar ok HI!!! im eeyang how are you?? fine??? hmm?? -___-'' oh no. i spent 5 minutes again! staring. hmm... everyone on msn goes "YAY lifeskills camp coming up!" like what the... fun meh... except for the escaping part im planning its not fun anymore leh. sneaking out! who wanna sneak out??!!! woot. i hope i see ghosts. YUCK im freaking myself out. waahaaheehoo. im hungry now. its been an hour since i wrote the date on top. u know this blog entry is getting no where unless u give me something really good to crap. hmm i just went omnium... look at some people's blog. found some spastic comments. i shant elaborate further. find out urself xD OKAY I cannot be mean.. and i wont be. i shall be guai kia. bhiang read this: NOT guai4 kia4 ok. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im dreading dreading lifeskills camp. why? dunno. water activities so spastic right. ahhhh IM craving for TV now!!!! tell u something: i have not wated the tv for 5 weeks. believe? i dont think u will. but yes. i HAVE not been watching for 5 weeks. so busy right. thats why i wanna quit french. im busy like, all 5 days! so if i quit french and stupid olympiad thingy, i get like, 3 days off to do all my revision and neccessary work so i dont have to always rush stuff that i THINK are not so important like home econs and speech training and stuff lar... i cannot say anymore later ppl think i naughty. [when i actually am already xD] so YES TO ALL NICOLES AND JIAMIN IM QUTTING FRENCH. WHEEEHEEEEEEEEE xD no more turning back! ahh! i crapped some heck out of me. finally. and now im truely hungry. the last thing i ate was tau sa pia at 2 something. now its eight. and im REALLY hungry. hahaha dont ask me why i blog lame. i DO blog lame xD i only like doing blog templates for myself. i kinda dread blogging meaningfully hahaha and telling others about my day. so... cannot expect much from my posts one..... WHEEEEEEE AHHHHH i smell food byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
p.s. have a nice life

5.03pm 6.3'05

hello everybody. BOO. am i nice or what. i came here to blog! hah. so egoistical. teehee. kidding. LALALA. my first post here. whee. and the third person to blog. XD. im a perfectly nice girl. does that sound new to you all. aiyer. i dunno what im talking about. :-/. anywaysies. ASHLEENS WEBCAM IS SO FUNNY! i almost died. hehehe. she was making all those. ridiculous faces at me. and beehiang. ooh yah. maybe sherman too! maybe she was flirting with sherman. oh wells. i dunno. tuttut. a pity my sister refuses to dig out the webcam. bahh. :-(. ashleen and eeyang are very mean. heh. shant tell you why. blah. im not looking forward to lifeskills camp. i dont like camp. im not a camp sort of person. sorry if i spoil your moods. really sorry. just voicing out my opinions. :-). good luckie in all of our inter class competitions. though im sure that 1/5 will win them all. bwahahaha. see ya people around. (",). have a wonderful day.
11.01am 6.3`o5

hihi.everybody all dun wanna blog, team blog mah. ashleen sae wanna blog another day in the end never blog. trying to bluff who? *sigh* hiang came over to moi hse yesterday to do some funny chinese project. but we slack quite a lot, dun really do much,lol! waa, have piano lessons today @ 3.30pm. I haven't been practising since the last piano lesson. *sigh* Anyways people, must work hard during training hor! kk, i think tt's all. buai buai.

yuanyi* 18:27 5.3`o5

helloes peeps.wahoo imm bekk!wahahahahas.ee yerh u guys are lykk so badd larhs.nv blogg de.only me n yuanyi blogg.hmph!hais nvm perhaps u guys dunno whr to blog?
hmm uhh i shall teach u one dae larhs.n i shall gong1 bu4 wad lili sed,she sed that she wants to concentrate on sports instead of e blog lorhs,so she doesnt wann to blog.
hmphh!anyways how haf u guys been.trng had been tuff lately.yep yep.n wahhs im lykk flunkking my tests.hurr.^^"hell larhs.someone gotta start to tutor me!wahahhas.
yep yep.hmm uhh lets c.i seriously come n visit the blog everyday larhs just dat.nvr tot of bloggin.there always isnt much to sae ehhs.hurr.im crappin alot.w0ot.^^
um yahs.whus gonna haf the next earliest bdae arhs.we shall orda pizza again.xP.haha.i g2g now.catchya all lates.

bhiang* 9:57 P.M 27.2`o5

whhee.arloe.heh heh bhiang da great ish bekk woot.hurr.xD im lykk finally nt sickk anymore.sighh.had a really really really badd fever.)): yep yep so anyways peeps start to blogg will ya.umm.the username is badjuniars.the pw.hahas.ask either ikea,yiyi,or mie!((: whee.yay tmr hafing team recess,looking ferrward to it.n CONGRATS lili!!u wonn wahoo.oh yeh im gonna bring my camera tmr n we shall TAKE photos,everybody arhs! hurrhurr den i shall putt it upp here into my badminton photo album.yayiee.((: hurr hurr.hmm.yehh so anyways must BLOG okaes.or tagg.n ee yang lets change tempalte every week or so.den we'll use urs afta a week.issit fairr?xP den those whu wanna make templates cann make too okaes! hhehe let us all clapp ferr lili.yay.heh heh.yepp so g2g now.lurve ya all.ciaox.

bhiang* Thursday, February 24, 2005

hihi. muahaha, won FuHua 5-0, we are too pro loi.that oily still sae wat cannot win them...=P Then when KFC to eat, Mr Wee is so rich lor, bought so much stuff...then we played this super funni game-Ice soccer! Like u r suppose to shot the ice cube into the cup...then ee yang had to hug a fuhua girl,lol!so fun, haha but the table was really wet after tt. The ice cubes keep falling off the table! blehh...got physics tmrw, wish me gd luck. kk buai buai pple! and blog!

yuanyi* Thursday, February 24, 2005
2:22 P.M

wahahas,helloes!okaes i finally umm lykk repaired this blog wit a nice layout..i dunno if u guys lykk it tho.hmmm im lykk sickk today.wahhss.38.9)):ppl are in sch.im at home. hurr^^.so yeh im lykk thinking if i shuld.go ferr the tourney today.perhaps cheer n stuff ya noe.then afta dat shall go ferr piano.but thinking abt it. im not sure.its kinda of weird.i mean lykk if i suddenly popp up n stuff.hurr.but nvms.hope u guys will top the table.n jiayou lili.thrash them all.wahahas. anyways.hope u guys will haf a great day.ahead.cheers.cya all tmr.get well soon. bhiang.lurve ya all.muaks.


``sec1s o5 nybters

sec1`o5 nybters (:
13 ; thirteen
lurvees badminntonn
we rocckk.

-best team eva
-a team recess (:
-a team shirt
-no cliques
-a team bagg
-team outing dayy
-team jacket
-a more active blog!!
all righhts reservedd`

;; y0uurr fo0tpriintx. iluu+

i will never forget
the wonderful days we hadd
the days when yu were ;
my life . my heart .
my soul .

i used to think thhat
we'd be everlasting and strong.
but now i realise that, was all
just a jubilant fantasy.
thinking of it makes my heart break
but i love yu just so.

sometimes, i wish yu were still by my side like how it used to be but now. i sit here alone.
just remembering all the things we shared.

hoping that one day.
yu would love me
and make me happy again.
but i know its impossible

this is a love. that is so strong. and everlasting.
i love yu lots. please dunt let go of me.
please dunt.